About me

I am currently working as a software engineer at 23 Technologies pursuing to bring cloud native software into manufacturing industry. Until February 2022, I was working as a researcher at the Institut für Nachrichtentechnik RWTH Aachen University. In my research, I focused on the link between machine learning and state-of-art video coding technology. Moreover, I am an open-source enthusiast, convinced Linux user, and tech fan. As an overview I'd like to name my interests and skills.

My Tools

A      ⎈     

My Interests

Cloud Native Technology

started at 23 Technologies

IMHO Cloud native technology offers great chances for a sustainable design of many software components needed by both, society and industry.

Containers solve all problems ;-)

Scientific Programming

mastered since my time at IENT

The programming language itself is of minor importance here. Performing mathematical operations as simple and readable in code, is the main goal of scientific programming.

Programming languages: Python, Matlab, C++

Linux Configuration

started with my bachelor thesis

I3WM is not making me search for my windows anymore, my dotfiles are managed by a bare git repository and fish is a great shell for me.

I really like trying out new stuff on the commandline

Video Coding and Machine Learning

started with my master thesis

Finding entry points for state-of-the-art machine learning methods into the hybrid video coding scheme was one of the main aspects of my research.


Tennis and Cycling

since 2016

I'm a sports enthusiast. I play tennis on a recreational level and really like riding my roadbike.

It's all in the toss (Roger Federer)


How can I contact you?
I don't want to put my email address or phone number here. I think you'll find your way through.
Do you share your system config?
Yes! Just checkout on Github.
Will you stay in academia?
Never say never, but I don't think so.
Why saturnv.de?
When we got engaged my wife had the Lego ideas set of the Saturn V rocket as a present for me. I think the original rocket and the Lego version are masterpieces.